Hawaii Podiatry

Foot & Ankle Surgery

When Non-Surgical Methods Don't Work


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Hawaii Podiatry is among Hawaii’s leading physician offices specializing in the treatment of foot and ankle problems.  Kama`ainas come from around the State to obtain advanced care, utilizing the latest in scientific & technological advancements, from her. From sprains & breaks to total ankle replacement, Hawaii Podiatry can handle a wide range of health conditions & issues.

As a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Liane is an extremely qualified specialist providing medical and surgical treatment of foot and ankle conditions that may require surgery. Among them are a variety of ankle and foot issues below, but are not limited to:

  •  Achilles / Ankle pain
  •  Arthritis / Painful flat feet
  •  Athletic Injuries
  •  Bunions / Calluses
  •  Claw & Hammertoes
  •  Fractures & Sprains
  • Ulcers / Diabetic Foot

After determining your condition, our office provides each patient with an individualized care plan.  While non-surgical options are our first course of action, we will advise you if surgery is necessary and, if so, discuss options and procedures while answering any questions you may have.