Hawaii Podiatry

Geriatric Care

The Older You Are, The Harder It Gets

Leading medical research point to problems stemming from your feet can be the initial sign of serious medical conditions, especially among our kapuna.

Issues with circulation, nerves, arthritis and even diabetes have been known to originate from your feet and therefore you need to pay attention to them.  If you notice any changes or are experiencing problems, get help right away.

Care tips for our kapuna:

·       Stop or don’t start smoking

·       Check your feet frequently or have a family member help you

·       Get up and get moving, don’t sit too long

·       Always use and wear comfortable, properly fitted footwear

·       Improve circulation in your feet but taking a warm foot bath, stretching after walking/sitting long, a gentle massage or propping your feet

·       Keep your feet warm and relatively dry